Cincinnati Demonstration Team



Our dancers are available for a wide variety of occasions:

Private celebrations such as Weddings, Family (clan) Gatherings, Church Kirkings, instruction and audience participation, etc.

Also, we dance in Institutions: School Assemblies, Nursing Homes, Festivals, County Fairs, International and Celtic Gatherings, etc.

Our fees may depend on distances to be travelled, number of performances, and other variables. In some circumstances, they may be reduced or waived. For further information, please contact: Andy May, (513) 829-2850. or by e-mail at

The purpose of the Demonstration Team is:
  • to promote Scottish Country Dancing to the community at large
  • to provide information on Scottish dancing and culture
  • to promote an appreciation of Scottish dancing and culture
  • to celebrate events in the lives of individuals and communities with dance
  • to encourage a high standard of dance performance, and to exemplify the social nature of Scottish dancing

Click Here for some videos of the team in action (These are posted on Youtube)

Here are some photos of the team in action